What are the advantages of using lifting beams ?

Lifting beams are one of the most common types of below-the-hook lifting devices. They have a simple design comprising of a beam with a single attachment point centered on the top side of the beam for connecting to a crane, hoist, or other lifting machine. Some lifting beams may have two bails to engage 2 crane or hoist hooks. There are usually 2 or more evenly-spaced lifting lugs on the underside of the beam that attach to and support the load via hook or sling.

They are perfect for lighter and shorter span lifts that do not require a lot of headroom. Because there is a single bail attachment on the top for the crane to attach to, it doesn’t require the same amount of headroom that a spreader beam does.

Lifting beams also provide multiple lifting points underneath and can be designed with variable or fixed lifting lugs. This type of adjust-ability means that lifting beams can be utilized in many different applications and for many different types of loads. This adjustable design allows lifting beams to:

  • Handle out-of-balance loads
  • Control inward crushing forces
  • Use special load securement attachments

There is a safe loading and maneuvering process, with the use of an adjustable lifting beam with two lifting points along with the patented evo automatic lifting hooks, the lifting and maneuvering process of any load is faster and at the same time security is enhanced by maintaining operators at a safe distance from the load during the complete lifting process.

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